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AROUNDMe collaboration server is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to create collaborative social spaces on the Web.

If you want to extend your brand or build a business model around people forming groups on the web (think "Google groups", "Yahoo groups" or "Ning") then AROUNDMe collaboration server is the solution for you.

Using AROUNDMe collaboration server you can create multiple collaborative group, webspace, community or social networking websites. Each group can create a multiple page collaborative web site. They get social tools such as a guestbook (a wall), a group blog, a forum and a wiki which they can drop into web pages. Each group is fully customisable using xHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Groups can be private or public.

People can connect to a group to contribute using OpenID. They get tracking tools such as forum digest and blog RSS feeds.


Download it, open it and follow the instructions in the "readme.txt" file.

  • Collaboration server version 1.6.2: tarball / zip

If you have suggestions or comments please visit our feedback network. If you need assistance please visit our support network.


Technical considerations

AROUNDMe requires a web server running either Apache 1.3/2.x or IIS5/IIS6 with PHP5.x installed including Curl, BCMath and GD library with MySQL 4.1 or MySQL 5.0 database.

AROUNDMe uses a domain name / sub domain as your group. You need to own or have access to a domain name to install this product.

Identity server?

AROUNDMe Personal identity and AROUNDMe Identity server are discontinued. We recommend that you move to Prairie; our new identity server.