Giving people the tools they need to share knowledge and advance open society through social software.

Introducing Dutch

Share information quickly and easily with Dutch; our knowledge sharing network tool.

Dutch is a part of our research to re-think the way we share knowledge on the web. Our goal is to create a fluid pool of knowledge shared amoungst interested people based upon them working together in gathering information from the web.


  • Install as a single blog or a service to host many separate blogs.
  • Lightweight easy to use interface.
  • Simple creation of tag based networks.
  • Networks favourites listing.
  • Notification from your favourite networks.
  • Email digest of favourite networks.
  • OpenID support.
  • Parse Digg items directly into the network.
  • Parse Youtube movies into the network.
  • Themed "skins" which can be easily downloaded and added.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Free (GPL) software license (if we get 100 supporting messages).

A case study; Barnraisers build network

Our very own community is build on Dutch.

The software allows all of us to share information surrounding our mission.

The build network has a few minor changes. We have our own theme and we have added some intoduction texts, but apart from that it is an "out of the box" installation.

Technical considerations

Dutch requires a web server running either Apache 1.3/2.x or IIS5/IIS6 with PHP5.x installed including GD library and Gettext (Curl and BCMath if you want OpenID support).

For multiple instances you will require access to sub-domains.


Latest version is 0.1 Alpha : tar / zip.

This is an Alpha release. If you have suggestions or comments please visit our feedback network. If you need assistance please visit our support network.






  • Non available yet.

Language packs

  • Non available yet.

The history of the Dutch barn

Barn logoThe Dutch barns were the first great barns built in the United States as Dutch settlers colonized the Raritan River valley in New Jersey, as well as in the Hudson, Mohawk, and Schoharie River valleys.