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Why 'Barnraiser'?

Barn logoWhen an Amish family needs a new barn their community gathers to build a barn in a single day, a tradition called barn raising. In building a barn together in a day they achieve something that no single family can do.

We share that spirit as we build for society.

  • One of Roundhouse's features (our social blogging tool) is that the content is optimized for Googles search. I just wanted to explain what this means.

    When Google opened up their search site in the late 1990's they were immediately set apart because all the good sites always seemed to appear on the first page in the search results.

    It was not long before website developers took interest in seeing if they could get their pages ranked further up the Googles search results, thus web development became influenced by Googles search.

    People soon realised that the importance or "ranking" was affected by the number and quality of links to the page (called "backlinks"). If you link to a page you increase its ranking. This led to people quickly "swapping" links to their web pages. The modern day equivalent of this the the blogroll (the list of favourite blogs that you see on some blogs).

    Adding links to your blog and asking others to link back to you is a human issue and thus does not affect us when we speak about Roundhouse and Googles search optimisation so what does?

    The title tag

    In the HTML that provides the markup for this page there is a tag in the head of the page called TITLE. Google gives this some weight. If you look up you'll see the top of your browser picks this up to name the window - You'll see it as Barnraiser: . We add the name of the blog and the title of the newest blog entry to the TITLE tag. This adds weight to your latest blog entry.

    The link

    Click on the title of this blog entry or the permalink button below it. You will see that the link has the title of the blog entry in it; in this case . By placing the words in the link automatically become keywords that the search engine can index every time someone clicks on your link.

    Hidden text

    Many commercial web services include hidden text in the source of your web page. Google frowns upon such things because they think you are attempting to influence their search. Your site will not end up in the search results because of this. We include no hidden texts (developers comments and such like) in these pages.

    The rest as they say is up to you so here are a couple of tips to authors.

    Keyword density

    Look at the following two sentences:

    "This blog is about search engine optimization and the way we have coded for it."

    "Roundhouse; our social blogging tool is written with Google search engine optimization in mind because we have developed Roundhouse for it."

    The two sentences loosely say the same thing, but one include "Roundhouse" twice and one does not. Because the keyword density is higher on the later sentence Google will rank the keyword "Roundhouse" higher.

    A word of warning, Google is clever. Don't write the same word 50 times in a row. Google looks to see if the words look like a real sentence. If Google thinks you are trying to influence the page ranking you will soon discover that you do not appear on search results.


    If you include a link to a web page consider telling them. You may receive a backlink which will increase your page ranking.

    Some further reading

    Googles overview of their search technologies
    Wikipedia describe "PageRank" in some detail

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